Adeline C.

Living in Norway can be quite ridiculous from time to time. 

Let me explain: I wanted to have time for myself and by myself and started looking up possibilities for treating myself to a night in a luxury hotel. I thought I'd go to the spa, read for hours and order delicious food from room service. Except that life in Norway is so expensive that it didn't take very long before I figured out it'd be cheaper to go to another country and do the exact same thing for less money. 

So I treated myself and spent three days in Amsterdam. I enjoyed pink sunsets from a huge bed located on the 16th floor and spent my evenings devouring books. I visited a museum a day and walked for hours along the canals. I had no ambition to see everything, this trip wasn't a checklist, it was a retreat.

Adeline C.
Oslo, Norway.


  1. nice insight into european lifestyle, now i know norway is more expensive than the netherlands :O
    glad to see you enjoyed yourself! it's always nice to take a break x