Sunny lazy day on the beach. Snuggling under blanket over hot chocolate and DVDs. Morning jogging. A road trip. A hot date. Good times wine and dine. Dress up party. Awesome gigs. A craft day. Baking cupcakes or cooking homemade pasta. Afternoon tea. Coffee and cakes. Art exhibition. Barbecue or picnic in the park. Redecorating your house. Going to theatre to see a play or ballet. Or all of the above. But how will I find time to do all of these?

Most of us spend most of our time on daily routines, be it at work, studio or school. And weekend becomes a precious time to enjoy with friends or family or well, a me-time sounds nice too. What are you up to this weekend?

How's your weekend is a collective photography project dedicated to the weekends. Here at How's your weekend we want to share how people around the world spend their weekends. Everyone has a story, share your weekend with us and see what others do too. Whether you're going out or staying in, whether you're planning to have a me-time or with your loved ones, whatever you do, wherever you are, enjoy it and have a nice weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


Photo width is min 700 x 700 px. Please send at least 3 photos from your weekend, a few lines about the photos you've taken over your weekend, your name, location and link to howsyourweekend@gmail.com.  Be creative and don't be afraid to shoot, we like both styled and candid photographs with your own aesthetic touch. Note: we can't guarantee all submissions will be published on this blog and due to the amount of entries we are not able to respond to each individual email, sorry! We'll contact you when your photos are up on our blog though.


Any other questions please do not hesitate to drop us an email. Or got anyone, any blogger, artist, photographer or whoever that you'd like to see on this blog? Let us know, we might be able to surprise you with their appearance on our blog :) Send all of your enquiries to howsyourweekend@gmail.com.